Bobby Flay Claims Estranged Wife Needs More Money Because Of Breast Enhancement Surgery

More details have emerged from Bobby Flay and Stephanie March’s ugly messy divorce. Flay claims that one of the reasons why March is asking to get their prenup invalidated is because March had a boob job!

TMZ reports that one of Stephanie March’s arguments for voiding their prenup was because she has “well-publicized medical problems, including a burst appendix and 3 deep infections.” The prenup, which reportedly pays her $5000 a month, would create undo financial hardship.

Bobby Flay has responded by saying the “infections were the result of breast enhancement surgery” and therefore it was her fault.

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Stephanie March in turn shot back that revelations of Flay’s three-year affair has affected her physical and mental health.

Tempers flared between Flay and March in court this week as a judge ordered both parties not to talk to the press.

Honestly, this misogynist douche. That’s was such a low blow dick move I can’t even.

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