Bobby Flay And Stephanie March Fight Over ‘Dad’s Crazy’ Horse

The ugly divorce of Bobby Flay and Stephanie March has taken an interesting backstretch turn involving a horse named “Dad’s Crazy.”

March says that Flay was such a douche, he gave her a horse for their fourth wedding anniversary back in 2009 – but he pocketed all the winnings. According to TMZ, the horse “Dad’s Crazy” won $130K, but Flay kept all of it. He also sold the horse for $60K, again keeping all the money.

Bobby Flay And Stephanie March Fight Over 'Dad's Crazy' Horse

Bobby Flay admits that he did register the horse in Stephanie March’s name, but denies taking all the cash.

This divorce has gotten uglier and uglier. The estranged couple were in court last week and a judge ordered them not to talk to the press (which Flay’s team immediately violated).

Flay has also claimed that Stephanie needs more money because of a boob job (such a low blow).

Stephanie March wants their prenup invalidated because she feels it’s unfair. Under the terms of the prenup, she’s supposed to get $5000 a month from Flay.

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