Bobbi Kristina has been placed in Medically Induced Coma

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been placed in a medically induced coma for swelling of the brain, sources close to the family tells TMZ.

Whitney Houston’s daughter was found unconscious in a bathtub today in Roswell, GA. She was revived and is in the ICU but it seems she is not in the safe zone just yet.

UPDATE: TMZ adds that Bobbi Kristina was found FACE DOWN in the bathtub this morning:

Bobbi Kristina was face down in the bathtub when she was found this morning, and police searched her home for drugs … Law enforcement sources tell us when Nick Gordon and a friend found Bobbi Kristina she was on her stomach, and there was water in the tub. It’s unclear how full the tub was, but we’re told it was enough water for a bath.

No one knows yet the circumstances of how Bobbi was unconscious in a bathtub. It’s so reminiscent of how her mother died, it’s so freaky.

This is horrible. Horrible news today.

I miss Whitney so much! This news comes just as Whitney’s death anniversary approaches this February.

Hang in there Bobbi Kristina! You can do this.

Bobbi Kristina has been placed on Medically Induced Coma

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