Bobbi Kristina Families Feud Over Funeral Plans

Bobbi Kristina Brown is still fighting for her life but the Houstons and the Browns are already fighting over what to do for her funeral.

The Browns are reported to be “preparing for war” over what the Houstons did to Bobby Brown when Whitney Houston died three years ago. During that time, Brown stormed out of the funeral when security refused to let him sit beside Bobbi Kristina. The Houstons were also angry that Brown brought nine members of his family with him.

From TMZ:

We’re told the feud has already reignited. Houston family security set up a perimeter around Bobbi Kristina’s room shortly after she was taken to the hospital and there was a passcode to gain entrance. Many people in the Brown family were not given the code and it caused an uproar.

A few days ago, a bloody BRAWL broke out between the Browns at a Atlanta hotel. So perhaps the Houstons do have a case to be wary? Stay tuned for more updates on this drama.

We miss you Whitney Houston! Stay strong Bobbi Kristina!

Bobbi Kristina Family Feud Over Funeral Plans

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