Bobbi Kristina Brown is ‘Breathing On Her Own’

There is one thing that the Houstons and the Browns can agree on: Bobbi Kristina Brown is breathing on her own without the aid of a ventilator. However, the tracheotomy hole has to stay.

The Houstons tell TMZ: “According to the doctors she’s breathing on her own but the trach has to stay.”

It looks like the two families cannot agree on what to do with Bobbi Kristina long term now – that’s why they have given conflicting statements in last 48 hours.

Bobbi Kristina Brown is 'Breathing On Her Own'

The Browns think she is “awake.” The Houstons say “nothing has changed.”

Bobbi Kristina can stay in this state for many years – an unresponsive 22-year-old with global and irreversible brain damage – or those around her can choose a path that is more merciful.

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