Bobbi Kristina Brown Family Livid Over ‘Death Bed Photo’

Someone is shopping a Bobbi Kristina Brown deathbed photo to the tabloids and her family is furious.

Bobby Brown’s sister has reached out to TMZ and told them that: “You aint gon be able to pay people off on this one! You will not do to my niece what you did to Whitney!”

She added: “I will make sure that anyone who came anywhere near Bobbi Kriss- including myself take a lie detective test!”



OK, so my question: Who had access to Bobbi Kristina in the hospice? Her family? The staff?

C’mon on now. These people need to learn to police themselves. Why is Bobbi Kristina Brown surrounded by money-hungry vultures? OMG! Stop the insanity!

The family was already angry that reporters credited Oprah for a last minute attempt to save Bobbi Kristina.

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