Bobbi Kristina Brown Estate Sues Pat and Cissy Houston For Unpaid Bills

The administrator of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate, Bedelia Hargrove, has sued Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston and Pat Houston for breach of trust.

Basically, they have not paid any of the estate’s expenses. According to Bossip, Hardgrove sued the Houstons on Feb. 4:

The trust is supposed to pay all of Brown’s estate’s expenses, and the Houstons, as co-trustees, have to sign off on any money coming in or going out.

But Pat and Cissy refused to pay a bill unless they thought it was “reasonable,” Hargrove said in her complaint, and as a result, none of the estate’s expenses were paid. Hargrove said she’s insisted to Pat and Cissy that they release the trust money, but the pair haven’t budged.

“Respondents are impairing and impeding the proper administration of the estate,” Hargrove wrote in the suit filed in Fulton County Superior Court. “To date, the respondents have failed and refused to pay any expenses of administration of the estate after proper and repeated demands from the petitioner.”

The lawsuit did not specify the unpaid amount, but Hargrove said it will come out in trial.

Hargrove’s suit also seeks money for damages as well as her lawyer’s fees.

Source: Bossip

Source: Bossip

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What a mess.

It’s all about money money money with these people!

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate sued Nick Gordon for wrongful death – I think that’s in jeopardy now since the estate bills have not been paid.

I miss Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown so much.

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