Bobbi Kristina Brown Estate: Bobby Brown Files For Financial Control

Bobby Brown has filed for guardianship over Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s estate which is estimated at $20 million.

Though Bobby Brown has a say in medical decisions as Bobbi Kristina’s closest living relative, he doesn’t have a say in Bobbi Kristina’s finances.

Cissy Houston, her grandmother, and uncle and aunt, Gary and Pat Houston are the executors of the trust Whitney Houston left her.

“Bobby is Krissy’s father. He only wants what’s best for her,” a source tells PEOPLE. “This is not about him taking her money – he has money of his own. This is about making sure that she will have the best care for as long as she needs … The truth is that he wants to get her the best care she can possibly get, that’s all.”

Bobbi Kristina was supposed to receive 10% of the fund on her 21st birthday, but a source told NY Daily News: “She didn’t receive the distribution. It was modified, and with good reason.” The source did not elaborate why.

David W. Long, the attorney for Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother Cissy Houston released a statement to NBC saying:

This is a family matter involving sensitive information. We hope to resolve this in a manner that is respectful of Bobbi Kristina’s sensitive health information. The Houston family has always looked out for the best interest of Bobbi Kristina Brown. The family has done so all of her life and will continue to do so. We trust that others have the same objective.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Estate- Bobby Brown Files For Financial Control

And so it begins. The friggin’ money grab begins.

It’s literally in their best interest to keep Bobbi Kristina alive indefinitely.

These people are awful.

Last week, the Browns and Houstons gave conflicting status reports of Bobbi Kristina’s condition. Cissy Houston said that Krissy has “global and irreversible” brain damage.

Aunt Leolah Brown meanwhile went unhinged on Facebook in a rant against Pat Houston.

Bobbi Kristina is the sole heir to Whitney Houston’s estate. If she had no children, Whitney’s will stated the the money would be split among her mother Cissy Houston, father (now deceased), two brothers and Bobby Brown.

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