Bobbi Kristina Brown Estate: Bobby Brown and Pat Houston to SHARE Guardianship

A judge has appointed Bobby Brown and Pat Houston as co-guardians of Bobbi Kristina Brown. The court also appointed an attorney – Bedelia Hargrove – to be a conservator in charge of all financial and legal matters regarding Bobbi Kristina.

Best. News. Ever.

TMZ reports that Pat and Bobby will now share responsibility for Bobbi Kristina’s medical care. All financial and legal matters are now left to someone else.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Estate- Bobby Brown and Pat Houston to SHARE Guardianship

Last month Bobby Brown filed for financial control of Bobbi Kristina’s estate which is estimated at $20 million. It was reported that the Houstons were angry at Bobby for doing this since Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston and brother Gary and sister-in-law Pat are the executors of Bobbi Kristina’s estate.

Bobby Brown had the final say on medical decisions regarding Bobbi Kristina and now he has to share that with Pat Houston. On the financial side, a third party is now responsible.

I’m sure this was not the result Bobby wanted. He wanted to control everything and now the Houstons have more say on what to do with Bobbi Kristina medically.

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