Bobbi Kristina Brown Boyfriend Nick Gordon ‘Responding Well To Rehab’ – Report

Bobbi Kristina Brown boyfriend Nick Gordon “is responding well” to drug rehab and “there have been no relapses,” according to a source from PEOPLE.

Nick Gordon went directly to rehab after an intervention interview with Dr. Phil in March. Gordon was banned from seeing Krissy in the hospital, and his biological mother, fearing for his life, arranged the interview.

“Nick is responding well to rehab treatment with no relapses. The quiet time is good for him. He needed it,” the source says. “Nick is a special person with many temptations and needs to be in a place where he can continue to heal and grow. He should stay for a long time – as long as he will allow.”

Once Gordon is released, he would continue his rehabilitation in a halfway house. The source adds: “The best thing for Nick is that he is out of the way, out of the limelight. This way he can continue the process to improve himself and move forward in a better life. It is a blessing that he is in rehab.”

Looks like life is beginning to move on for the people in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s life. Even her father Bobby Brown is reportedly leaving her bedside in the hospital to go on tour again to earn some money.

Bobbi Kristina is a in a hospital in Atlanta specializing in “long term care.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown Boyfriend Nick Gordon 'Responding Well To Rehab' - Report

Bobbi Kristina Brown Boyfriend Nick Gordon 'Responding Well To Rehab'

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