Bluegrass Band Reinvents ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ on America’s Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Mountain Faith Band performed a bluegrass version of “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd on America’s Got Talent 10, “Semi-Final 1”!

I LOVE THIS. Seriously, I never would have thought this would be the type of song that needed a bluegrass version, but hot damn, this has me listening to this song with new ears. I would buy this RIGHT NOW. The audience sounds like they’re really digging this too. I’m so happy they did well. No Xs either! (With Howard, you really never know)

Watch the awesome performance video below:

Bluegrass Band Reinvents 'Can't Feel My Face' on America's Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Judges: Howie says that only five acts can go through, so he understands where Summer was coming from in her video package when she said they needed to go bigger. But he feels their bigness comes from their harmonies. Unfortunately, he felt this was more Branson, Missouri, than Radio City Music Hall. Howard agrees, saying they’re incredible musicians, but are lacking in the vocals or a “big moment”. Heidi says she can see this group’s limitations, and she feels it’s a shame because she really likes them. Mel B thought the song was the wrong choice, but says she’s always loved these guys, disagreeing with Howard by saying they don’t need a “big moment” because they’re a great “groove band”. Howard is perplexed by this, naturally. To the credit of Mountain Faith Band, the audience DID boo the negative opinions against them, which is more than could be said for Ira, so they might still have a chance, even if it does end up coming down to the Dunkin’ Save.

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