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Blind Sisters Adopt Disabled Pit Bull for the Holidays (VIDEO)

The holidays may be over, but the Christmas spirit is alive and well, as we see in this video in which two blind sisters adopt a disabled pit bull for the holidays.

Ten-year-old blind twin sisters Gianna and Tianna Johnson had only one wish for Christmas this year, to give a loving home to a dog with disabilities. Luckily, the girls found Carmella, an adorable pit bill who suffers from abnormalities related to her limbs. This is due to abuse she suffered from a previous owner. The sisters felt Carmella would understand how it feels to be different, and that she’d make a great companion for them, considering the kinship they share due to their respective disabilities. It’s incredibly sweet to see how these girls became attached to this dog, and it’s equally heartwarming to see Carmella’s reaction to finally having a loving home. I loved this to bits. You can watch the full video below:

Blind Sisters Adopt Disabled Pit Bull for the Holidays (VIDEO)

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