Blind 14-Year-Old Dancer Stuns on America’s Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Blind 14-year-old dancer Benjamin Yonattan advanced to Radio City Music Hall on America’s Got Talent 10!

While not fully blind, Benjamin’s retinal dystrophy may soon rob him of his sight completely. Thus, this performance was all the more stunning, as Benjamin delivered the first audition of the season to reduce me to a mess of tears. This was absolutely beautiful, and deserving of a spot at Radio City Music Hall. I was speechless.

Watch Benjamin stun the judges, and the audience, below:

Blind 14-Year-Old Dancer Stuns on America's Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Benjamin was one of my favorites of tonight’s show, and I’m glad America is going to get a chance to vote for him. I’m not sure if it’s a million dollar act, but I do feel Benjamin deserved to go through from tonight’s crop of (considerably strong) talent.

But what did you think of Benjamin Yonattan? Sound off in the comments!

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