Blake Shelton performs ‘Wishin’ Boot’ on SNL (VIDEO)

Blake Shelton debuted ‘Wishin’ Boot’ on SNL Saturday Night Live with Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant on Saturday, January 24, 2015.

I don’t know who Blake was trying to look like (Alan Jackson?), but Kate really looked like Reba McEntire and Aidy was definitely Wynonna Judd.

I have to say, this tune was catchy and funny!

It was a country-themed night on SNL as Blake was the host and musical guest. A lot of the sketches had a country twist to it, like Blake’s opening monologue featuring the country show “Hee Haw.”

At any rate, I hope Blake and SNL turn this song into a single!

“… the whole dang time that dog had been the boot!” Hahaha.

Go Wishing Boot! I wish I had one.

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Blake Shelton performs 'Wishing Boot' on SNL (VIDEO)

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