Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Say Anything’ on ‘The Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

Blake Lively stopped by The Tonight Show to promote her new movie, Age of Adaline. But her appearance on the show ended up being far more amusing than what a simple chat would have accomplished, as Blake played a lively game of Say Anything with Jimmy Fallon. (Yes, I see what I did there)

The game mostly involves saying random words back-and-forth until one person stumbles or repeats a word. That person loses the round, and gets a piece of scotch tape put on their face by their opponent. It’s an utterly ridiculous concept for a game, but it totally works because it’s so deceptively difficult. Either that, or Jimmy Fallon is just really bad at this game. Dude was covered in so much tape, he ended up looking like a human office supplies store. It’s funnier than it probably has any right to be, as Blake gets in some sharp, off-the-cuff Star Trek-related digs on Jimmy’s appearance, and the tape hunger gets out of control. Watch the segment below:

Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon Plays 'Say Anything' on 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

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