Blackberry Priv – A New Blackberry Running Android (REVIEW)

Blackberry has released it’s first Android phone, the Blackberry Priv. It is the best Blackberry ever — but as far as Android phones go, it’s just middle of the road according to tech blogger Marques Brownlee.

Some quotes from Marques:

“It’s my favorite Blackberry ever!”

“Middle of the road.”

“Barely an average speaker.”

“Back is soft and thin.”

“Battery life… meh.”

“Charging indicator” on the side.

“More hitches than a normal Android phone.”

“All the keys feel tiny.”

You can swipe the keyboard to move the cursor.

“Better than any other Blackberry camera.”

“Really slow to take a photo.”

Press play to see the features of this Blackberry which still has a lot to improve on.

Blackberry Priv - A New Blackberry Running Android (REVIEW)

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