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Bindi Irwin Joins ‘Dancing With the Stars 21’ as First Cast Member (VIDEO)

The first cast member has been revealed for Dancing With the Stars 21!

Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, has joined the cast. The now-18-year-old Australian has followed in her late father’s footsteps by becoming an animal enthusiast and conservationist herself. In speaking with Good Morning America, she explained her love and appreciation for the show, even when she was a little girl, hosting her own wildlife documentary series. “For me, Dancing With the Stars has always been something that I have admired. I have no dance experience at all! My family is not known for dancing!” Of course, no sooner does she say this than the hosts produce a silly video from her past. The full cast will be revealed on September 2nd, but until then, Watch Bindi Irwin join the cast below:

Bindi Irwin Joins 'Dancing With the Stars 21' as First Cast Member (VIDEO)

I like this choice. Bindi has grown up in the public eye, and she’s always shown immense class in everything she does. The speech she gives towards the end of the interview about wanting to inspire people to take a chance in their lives is downright lovely. I don’t know how well she’s going to do on the show, but who knows? Maybe her innate likability will help carry her far.

But what do you think of Bindi Irwin as the first cast member? Sound off in the comments!

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