Bill Murray Reportedly Throws Fans’ Cell Phones Off Restaurant Roof

Bill “the Murricane” Murray has reportedly done something very Bill Murray like and allegedly thrown phones belonging to photo-taking fans off a restaurant roof.

The incident happened at the Vesuvio restaurant in Carmel, California, Thursday (Feb. 11) where three fans taking photos of Murray came face to face with his wrath.

Bill Murray Throw Cell Phone Fan

Credit: Columbia Pictures

According to police, “When we arrived we met with three people who stated a subject identified as ‘Bill Murray’ took phones out of their hands and threw them.”

Two phones shattered on the sidewalk below and one miraculously landed on a seat cushion, but Murray was gone by the time cops arrived.

Said the police who were apparently able to contact Murray’s rep, “He admits to being at the restaurant [Thursday] and he was willing to pay for any damages people may have had.”

Bill Murray Ghostbusters GIF

Credit: Tumblr

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