Bill Goldberg Calls Out Brock Lesnar, Teases WWE Summerslam Appearance

Bill Goldberg might be heading back to WWE for more than just a role in the WWE 2K17 video game. In an interview at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany, Goldberg answered a few questions — and called out Brock Lesnar in the process.

Goldberg basically made the argument that he should be on the cover of WWE 2K17 rather than Brock Lesnar since he “killed the guy that’s on the cover.” This is in reference to Goldberg defeating Lesnar at Wrestlemania XX in 2004, in his last WWE match (and Lesnar’s final match with the company for eight years). The match was infamous, at the time, for essentially being a complete debacle, as the Madison Square Garden crowd damn near booed both men out of the building, since news had broken that both men were leaving WWE after their match. It created a volatile atmosphere that was more interesting than actually amusing.

Fans in the audience chanted “Please Come Back,” to which Goldberg responded that he’d see what he could do. More pointedly, he confirmed that he would be in New York City this weekend, implying that he might be in attendance this Sunday at Summerslam, which takes place in Brooklyn. However, Goldberg said he couldn’t say more to confirm or deny any rumors. All he noted was that you can never say never, and that he has no problem getting back in the ring at his age.

Of course, Goldberg made a point of saying he honestly isn’t 100% sure if/when he’ll ever be back in a WWE ring, since it isn’t up to him. But he feels a guy like Brock Lesnar needs to be put against someone who can give him the kind of fight he gives everyone else. Goldberg says if they fought again, it would have the same outcome as their WrestleMania XX match.

Bill Goldberg Calls Out Brock Lesnar, Teases WWE Summerslam Appearance

Source: YouTube

Realistically, I’d think this means WWE plans on building to a Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match for Wrestlemania 33, perhaps kicking the feud off this Sunday by having Goldberg cost Lesnar his match against Randy Orton. Their feud in 2004 started when Lesnar cost Goldberg the Royal Rumble, and escalated when Goldberg cost Lesnar the WWE title against Eddie Guerrero. So this looks like it would mirror the beginning of their first feud. That said, if WWE is really looking to recreate this match for Wrestlemania 33, I don’t particularly think it’ll go over any better with audiences this time. The audience will still know Goldberg is leaving at the end of it, and Brock is on such a “here one minute, gone the next” schedule that it would essentially result in the same “f*** both these guys” atmosphere as the first match. Maybe nostalgia for Goldberg will keep fans from booing it, or maybe it’s been so long since the first match that no one really remembers or cares that it’s happened before (although I don’t know how anyone watching at the time could ever forget that dumpster fire of a match). But I feel like there has to be better uses for both men on the big card.

I’m also not a big fan of having Brock’s first pinfall loss since ending The Undertaker’s Streak (and becoming an unstoppable killing machine) come at the hands of Randy Orton, a guy with no real upside in terms of drawing money. Beating Brock should be used to cement the next big thing, someone who could take Brock’s place and draw at his level. I have no idea who that’d be right now, but I’m not entirely convinced it’s Randy Orton.

But enough about what I think. What do you think? Would you want to see Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33? If not, what would you want to see? Sound off in the comments!

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