Bill Cosby Dropped By Agent, Career Pretty Much Over

It’s looking like Bill Cosby is pretty much finished in the entertainment industry.

Bill Cosby has been dumped by CAA, the agency that has represented the comedian since the start of his comeback in 2012. This essentially leaves him without any talent representation whatsoever in Hollywood. And with the accusations of Cosby drugging and raping more than two dozen women over several decades, it seems extremely unlikely that any other agency is going to touch him. Cosby originally went to CAA after leaving William Morris Agency, which represented him for 48 years.

Bill Cosby Dropped By His Agent, Career Pretty Much Over

Credit: ABC News

Naturally, this all comes as the result of the latest detail in the Cosby scandal: On Monday, his 2005 deposition was made public. In the deposition, Cosby admitted to drugging women with Quaaludes in order to have sex with them, prompting a media firestorm that has essentially plummeted whatever faith anyone might have had in the comedian’s innocence. Disney fired him and ordered the removal of a bronze statue of Cosby that graced the grounds of Walt Disney World. Hell, even Jill Scott (his staunchest defender!) has completely turned on Cosby.

So can it really be a surprise that his agent is abandoning ship too? I guess we’ll see how it all pans out, but it looks like Cosby’s career (or whatever is left of it) is pretty much over.

But what do you think? Can Bill Cosby ever bounce back from this? Or is it over for him? Sound off in the comments!

And for more on the Cosby story, check out our report on the damning deposition.

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