Bill Cosby Accusers Will Speak Out on A&E This Thursday

The scandal surrounding Bill Cosby may not be getting daily updates in the national news, but it’s still very much a topic of discussion. And A&E is looking to keep it that way.

The network will air an exposé this Thursday titled Cosby: The Women Speak. The hour-long special will feature the accusers speaking out for the first time on TV (well, unless you count the heartbreaking Janice Dickinson interview). Although the list of accusers for the special will not be as long as the list of accusers in the New York Magazine article that kicked this all into motion, the A&E special will still offer “first-hand accounts” from the victims. In particular, they will “help examine the allegations, decade by decade to reveal new information and insight into the case,” according to the official press release.

Bill Cosby Accusers Will Speak Out on A&E This Thursday

Credit: CNN

Among the 12 women expected to participate in Thursday night’s special, we only know of three: Beverly Johnson, actress Louisa Moritz, and publicist Joan Tarshis. Still, in the court of public opinion, that’s plenty. And in a court of law, 12 is a jury unto itself. It’s unknown what, if any, new evidence the special will provide regarding Cosby, but I don’t imagine the stories they tell are going to be pretty.

You can watch the special and judge for yourself when Cosby: The Women Speak premieres this Thursday, September 17, at 10:00 PM ET on A&E.

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