Bill Cosby Accusers Share Horrific Stories of Abuse In A&E Special (VIDEO)

Last night, A&E aired Cosby: The Women Speak, an hour-long special featuring testimony from the alleged victims of comedian Bill Cosby, who is still under public scrutiny over sexual assault allegations stretching back all the way to the 1960s.

The horrific stories of abuse included first-hand accounts from Joan Tarshis, Victoria Valentino, Beverly Johnson, and Barbara Bowman, who was 17 at the time Cosby allegedly tried to force himself on her. The clips below are emotional and intense, and depict victims who are still suffering to this day. While Cosby hasn’t been convicted in a court of law, he has openly admitted in the past to using Quaaludes as part of casual sex, which suggests there is truth to these stories. And that’s pretty mortifying to think about, really, when you consider how beloved he’s been for the past forty years, and how that public reputation likely protected him from ever having the accusers’ stories taken seriously. It’s just a sad situation, all-around. Watch videos from last night’s show below:

Bill Cosby Accusers Share Horrific Stories of Abuse In A&E Special (VIDEO)

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