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Big Pit Bull Scared of Little Old Ladybug (VIDEO)

What happens when a pit bull comes face-to-face with a ladybug? Well, it’s…not what you’d probably expect, considering the size difference here. But the results are certainly cute, and that’s what really matters here, no?

As it turns out, not only is this big pit bull perplexed by the little old ladybug, he seems downright scared of it. Granted, if this is the first time the dog is seeing a ladybug, this wouldn’t exactly be that shocking a response, considering how fear often springs from the unknown. But this dog seems utterly baffled by what this thing is and how to respond to it. And you know what? It’s freaking adorable. Especially when the ladybug takes flight, leaving the cute, puzzled pit bull to wonder just what the hell happened to the bug. There’s just something about a confused dog that ups the cuteness quotient. Have a look for yourself by watching the video below:

Big Pit Bull Scared of Little Old Ladybug (VIDEO)

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