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Big Old Rottweiler Squares Off With Tiny Little Kitten (VIDEO)

Size matters, at least when it comes to playmates. It’s hard to imagine a big old rottweiler safely roughhousing with a tiny little kitten. But that doesn’t mean they can’t square off with each other in the world’s cutest game of chicken.

In this video, a brave little kitten stands up to a huge rottweiler, and while it does appear at first that they’re a bit scared or nervous around each other, it later seems a bit more apparent that these two are just messing around. Well, at least the dog seems to be. Then again, that’s my read on the situation, and I’m not exactly a dog whisperer. But I’m sure someone in the comments will be vastly more knowledgeable. And hey, I welcome that! Seriously, anything to talk about dogs. Watch the video below:

Big Old Rottweiler Squares Off With Tiny Little Kitten (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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