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Big Old Rottweiler Meets Little Six-Month-Old Baby (VIDEO)

Rottweilers are sweeter than they often get credit for being. Case in point, this lovely video, in which a big old rottweiler meets a little six-month-old baby.

Brutus Maximus is a rottweiler who is a gentle giant, hanging out with a young mother and her adorable baby boy. When the owner’s other dog wants in on the fun, Brutus gets a bit jealous at all the attention the smaller pooch starts to get. Needless to say, Brutus wants a little more love and attention. Hell, I wouldn’t mind giving it to him. Brutus is cute as all get-out. You can watch the video below:

Big Old Rottweiler Meets Little Six-Month-Old Baby (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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