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Big Old Rottweiler Eats a McDouble In One Bite (VIDEO)

You ever take your dog to McDonald’s? I imagine not many have. And even the people who have probably don’t feed their dog burgers.

But in this video, Brutus Maximus the Rottweiler gets to enjoy a rare treat: a McDouble! Granted, you could probably argue whether or not this is actually something his owner should be giving him, but Brutus doesn’t seem to mind (although, let’s be real, it’s not like any dog would mind). Of course, the big old rottweiler inhales the entire thing in one bite, pretty much taking the entire burger into his mouth whole. I guess his appetite is as big as he is. You can watch the video below:

Big Old Rottweiler Eats a McDouble In One Bite (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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