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Big Ol’ Bulldog Is Terrified of a Tiny Bug (VIDEO)

They say that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. And the same is true with dogs. However, in this case, the “fall” in question has nothing to do with the ground, and everything to do with the wall. Allow me to explain…

This big ol’ bulldog encounters a bug, and his master encourages him to attack the creature. Unfortunately, this big ol’ bulldog is a bit spooked by the bug in question. Long story short, the dog flips out and ends up running himself into the wall in the excitement. Of course, the bulldog is completely okay, but this still feels like an abject lesson in facing your fears so that they don’t end up ruling you. Hell, if nothing else, it’s a cute clip of a dog getting overly excited. And as a dog-obsessive, that’s good enough for me. Watch the video below:

Big Ol' Bulldog Is Terrified of a Tiny Bug (VIDEO)

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