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Big Ol’ Boxer Dog Is Terrified of a Tiny Feather (VIDEO)

Well, being big doesn’t always guarantee loads of bravery. Then again, they say fear comes as a result of misunderstanding. So what happens when a big dog comes across something he doesn’t understand?

This big ol’ boxer is absolutely terrified of a teeny tiny little feather, and we can only surmise that it’s because it’s something strange and foreign to him. Regardless, for as amusing and cute as this is, I kind of just wanna hug the big guy and let him know it’s all going to be okay. Lord knows, I’ve been afraid of some silly, non-threatening things in my own youth (dolls, certain bugs, The Exorcist). Watch the video below:

Big Ol' Boxer Dog Is Terrified of a Tiny Feather (VIDEO)

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