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Big Dog Throws Bigger Fit When Told He Can’t Go For Walk (VIDEO)

Dogs love to go for walks. They love to explore and to enjoy the great outdoors, or even just roam around their own neighborhood. So it’s hard for us to really blame a dog for getting upset when he’s told he’ll be stuck at home on an otherwise lovely day.

In this video, a big dog throws a bigger fit when he’s told he can’t go for a walk. The dog is adorable in his stubbornness, but he also seems pretty anxious about going out, as if he wants to hurry up before the weather stops holding. It’s like a kid wanting to hurry up and go to the park before it starts raining, except the kid is way furrier, and has a much gruffer voice. Needless to say, this dog is cute even when throwing a temper tantrum. If nothing else, I would have a hard time not wanting to get the leash after the dog looked at me with those soulful, sorrowful eyes. Watch the video below:

Big Dog Throws Bigger Fit When Told He Can't Go For Walk (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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