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Big Brother Spoilers: POV Competition Results – 08/01/2015

Big Brother 17 Spoilers for August 1, 2015: Who won the Power of Veto competition? Who played?

Week 6 has turned out to be one of the best weeks this season.

Head of Household
HOH Nominated Nominated
James Huling #BB17

James Huling #BB17

Clay Honeycutt #BB17

Clay Honeycutt #BB17

Shelli Poole #BB17

Shelli Poole #BB17

Power of Veto
POV Winner POV Players
James Huling #BB17

James Huling #BB17

James, Clay, Shelli, Becky, Vanessa, Jackie

POV Competition Results: James won POV!

Becky won $5000, Shelli has to do a “knight” routine 2000 times and ring a bell 100 times, Vanessa got some sort of “shackles” punishment, Clay won a trip. (Via Jokers)

Jackie also has some sort of punishment (costume?) Clay’s trip is to Ireland.

Shelli and Clay are very upset. As they should. Finally, something exciting is really happening in the Big Brother house.

Power of Veto ceremony spoilers on Monday!

I don’t think James will use it.

Clay is already campaigning to get himself evicted! LOL! This is obviously grounds to evict Shelli at all costs. Hahaha.

Will james use the POV on Big Brother Week 6? More spoilers here:¬†… in – Hangs on LockerDome

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Big Brother Spoilers- POV Competition

Big Brother Spoilers- POV Competition Results - 08:01:2015

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