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Big Brother Spoilers: Nominations – 09/04/2015

Big Brother 17 Spoilers for September 4, 2015: Who did the new HOH nominate for eviction?

A new HOH was crowned last night after the double eviction and things are going to get interesting now that there are only six people left.

Nominated for Eviction (Pre-POV)
HOH Nominated Nominated
Steve Moses #BB17

Steve Moses #BB17

Liz Nolan #BB17

Liz Nolan #BB17

Austin Matelson #BB17

Austin Matelson #BB17

Results: Steve is the HOH and he nominated Liz and Austin!

Via Jokers

Finally! The Austwins are probably going to break up this week and Vanessa is in total control of the house (again).

POV spoilers on Saturday!

Big Brother Spoilers- Nominations

Big Brother Spoilers- Nominations - 09:04:2015

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