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Big Brother Spoilers: HOH Endurance Results – 07/30/2015

Big Brother 17 Spoilers for July 30, 2015: Who won the first single HOH competition of the season? It’s epic endurance!

Quick recap:

Jason was eliminated on Thursday for Week 5.

Since Liz and Julia survived five weeks of the Twin Twist, Julia entered the game as a solo player.

The game is reset. Battle of the Block is over.

There will now be one HOH and two nominees for the rest of the game and the HOH is endurance.

HOH Competition Results Week 6

Vanessa, the outgoing HOH, did not compete.

Big Brother 17 HOH Spoilers 01

(Updating as it happens in the live feeds – going to be a long night!)

Steve and Austin down.

Meg and Julia down.

One Hour Mark. No changes.

Jackie down.

Liz down.

Becky down.

Clay down.

Two Hour Mark, three houseguests left standing: James, Shelli and Johnny Mac!

Liz (Julia) shouts: “Make some deals, make some deals.”

Johnny Mac down.

Shelli down.

James is the new HOH!!!!!!

James promised that he will not nominate or backdoor Johnny Mac, Shelli or Clay. (Geez, that was the deal that Shelli wanted, sigh).

Nomination spoilers on Friday and POV spoilers on Saturday! See you then!

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Becky Jackie Down

Big Brother Spoilers HOH Last 3 Endurance

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