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Big Brother Spoilers: Did A Houseguest Just Have A Mental Breakdown in Season 17?

Big Brother spoilers for July 20, 2015: Today was supposed to be the Power of Veto Ceremony but things seem to be “on hold” as a houseguest may have had a mental breakdown.

As of this posting, Audrey has been in the DR for FIVE HOURS. Houseguests are waiting around for the POV Ceremony to start, but it seems like Audrey is holding everything up.

Did she quit? What’s going on?

From Jokers this morning:

Everyone is moving around this morning, probably dreading today’s PoV ceremony as much as they are looking forward to it. If you missed it, everyone but Audrey met last night for a House Meeting to discuss the plan to put her up during the PoV ceremony and then hopefully to vote her out.

I think Audrey was in the DR at that time. I know she was in the house during the wee hours of around 2:00 am, because she reportedly had some sort of breakdown in one of the bedrooms.

I heard Jason telling the house guests that last night Audrey was laying next to James, and he rolled over to ask her what was wrong. Audrey “took off his microphone” and then whispered that “it’s chemical”. Jason said James didn’t know what that meant, but Jason says no one would be allowed to come in the house if they weren’t all together mentally. Audrey told James that “they gave her Advil and it seemed to be helping”. Then the cameras realized we were all hearing too much about this, and switched to another room.

UPDATE: She’s baaaaack!!!

Looks like Big Brother gave Audrey something to calm down her nerves. Did she have a panic attack in the DR? Very interesting…

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