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Big Brother Results: Double Eviction and HOH – 09/03/2015

Big Brother 17 Results for September 3, 2015! Who went home on the second double eviction night of the season? Who is the new HOH?

Another exciting live eviction night!

Asian James needs to survive!

Big Brother Results- Double Eviction and HOH - 09:03:2015

Live Blog Recap

Vanessa’s side alliance with Steve and Johnny Mac caused Julia to be on the block. Meg is still in grave danger, but you’ll never know what will happen with the Austwins.

The twins need to go! Big moves could happen tonight… or not. LOL. Steve probably will save Julia. Sigh.

Hmmm… Vanessa and Steve considering to get rid of Julia? Vanessa really doesn’t want it!

Steve is throwing up thinking about the vote! LOL. “I hear my mom at home screaming at me to get rid of Julia!”

Julie just announced the double eviction to the house!

Austwins BB17

Final Words:

Meg: “I have been honored this week to be called someone’s queen.”

Julia: “78 days ago I went to this house pretending to be another person.”

Big Brother 17 Week 10 – First Eviction
HOH Nominated Nominated
Vanessa Rousso #BB17

Vanessa Rousso #BB17

Julia Nolan #BB17

Julia Nolan #BB17

Meg Maley #BB17

Meg Maley #BB17

Votes to Evict James (1) Liz, Steve, Johhny Mac, Austin (4)

Results: Meg is evicted from the Big Brother house with 4 votes to 1.


“Vanessa is one of my favorite girls. But I feel like I was a whoops this week,” said Meg. “I am so thankful for this opportunity.”

Meg heads to the Jury House.

Meg Evicted From Big Brother


HOH Competition

“BB Road Trip”

True or False about some photos.

HOH Competition

James and Steve out on the second question.

Austin and Johhny Mac out on the third question.

Final Two HOH

Liz is the new Head of Household!

Liz new HOH Double Eviction

Liz nominates James and Johnny Mac! (So predictable!)

POV Competition

Everyone but Vanessa are playing in the Veto competition.

POV Competition Double Eviction


Roll a ball on the giant boomerang. Highest total score wins.

Steve – 0
John – 0
Austin – 15
Liz – 15
Julia – 17
James – 0

Julia won the Power of Veto!

POV Ceremony

James: “I am appreciate your friendship.”

John: “It would be awesome if you use the veto on me.”

Julia does not use the Power of Veto.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Double Eviction 2 Big Brother

Final Words:

James: “I came here for one reason: my daughter.”

John: “It would be really cool to stay. Please vote for me to stay.”

Big Brother 17 Week 10 – Second Eviction
HOH Nominated Nominated
Liz Nolan #BB17

Liz Nolan #BB17

James Huling #BB17

James Huling #BB17

John McGuire #BB17

John McGuire #BB17

Votes to Evict Austin, Julia, Vanessa, Steve (4) (0)

Results: James is evicted from the Big Brother house! By 4-0.


“I knew I was the next one out no matter what happened,” said James. “They have a good strong group right now. I noticed that the aggressive players got taken out of the game. It’s a tough game.”

“I’ve been trying with Meg for 75 long days.” LOL!

James heads to the Jury House.

James Evicted BB

HOH Competition

New Head of Household spoilers later tonight! See you then! Whew.

20 more days left guys.

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