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Big Brother 22 Results - Week 3 Eviction

Big Brother 22 Week 3 Eviction

Who got evicted on Big Brother 22 All-Stars Week 3? Who went home? Janelle or Kaysar?

It's been such an exhausting week for Big Brother fans as this week proved once and for all that David is not an All-Star, while two of the show's biggest stars - legends - are on the block.

Head of Household: Tyler

Nominations: Kaysar and Janelle

Power of Veto: Cody

Cody did not use the Veto so nominations stayed the same.



Votes to evict:

Dani, Enzo

Votes to evict:

Nicole F, Da'Vonne, Memphis, Bayleigh, Cody, Christmas, David, Kevin, Ian

Janelle is evicted from the Big Brother house!

Julie Chen spilled a lot of details to Janelle in the exit interview so it looks like there is no chance that Janelle is coming back to this house. Oh well. I'm a bit upset. Janelle was the only reason I tuned in again.

I think most of the Big Brother fandom was rooting for her and now by extension Kaysar who probably won't make jury as well.