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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: POV Winner for Week 8

Big Brother 18 spoilers for Week 8: Who won the Power of Veto competition?

Paulie Calafiore has been in meltdown mode for the last 48 hours as Victor nominated him and Corey for eviction. His only chance to be saved is to win the POV as he’s now unable to talk himself out of eviction. The house has turned completely against him. No wonder he’s been crying!

Overnight and in the morning, Paulie has been trying to get his “bro” alliance to get back together with some illogical reasoning, but James, Paul and Victor were not buying it. Nicole and Corey are also scrambling, but the house isn’t buying them either.

Big Brother 18 Week 8

HOH: Victor
Nominated: Paulie, Corey

POV Players: Victor, Paulie, Corey, James, Nicole, Paul
Host: Natalie

It was the zingbot!

POV Winner: Victor

Paulie knows he is defeated already.

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: BB Live Feeds

Source: BB Live Feeds

Paulie or Corey’s only chance now is if either of them has the RT.

Nicole is crying.

James won $5000. Paul got a “walking to different points” in the house punishment.

Paulie is supposed to bake apple pies as punishment.

Paul and James agree that Victor cannot put anyone off the block (like Corey) or else Paulie will be talking to them for the rest of the week.

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