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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Nominations and Roadkill for Week 4

Big Brother 18 spoilers for Week 4: Who was nominated? Who won Roadkill?

So much action in the house overnight as Frank and Tiffany and Day had a major fight.

There are still some twists in play that are making strategy a bit odd at this point in the season. For one, the “whole team” is safe thing kinda blows as Category 4 have simply dominated winning three HOHs in a row. This has made Frank safe but for how long? Looks like there is a lot of bad blood now on the table. But everyone’s still playing! I love it.

Secondly, the returning houseguest twist will finally be revealed for this elimination, so expect a reset heading into Week 5 (or not).

Big Brother 18 Week 4

HOH: Paulie
Roadkill: Tiffany
Nominations: Natalie (Paulie), Tiffany (Paulie), Corey (Tiffany)

Via Jokers

This is going to be an interesting Power of Veto! Stay tuned.

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

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