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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Nominations and Care Package for Week 8 (VIDEO)

Big Brother 18 spoilers for Week 8. Who was nominated for eviction? Who won the care package?

First of all, the Super Safety America’s Care Package went to… Nicole! Boo. She gets to wear a costume. She’s a safety witch! Hahaha.

And… the house has flipped!

The aftermath of the double eviction on Thursday has resulted in a most amazing nomination.

Source: CBS Live Feeds

Source: CBS Live Feeds

Big Brother 18 Week 8
HOH: Victor
Nominated: Paulie and Corey

Cannot wait for the POV spoilers this weekend.

Paulie is stunned on the live feeds right now. (9:25 PM ET)

Corey and Nicole are also stunned and confronting Victor.

Victor, James and Paul just owned Paulie and Corey in their arguments. Amazing.

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

I love that the house is passive aggressive against Paulie right now. They’ve instructed Michelle to continue badgering Paulie… and Paul is telling him to calm down. Amaze.

Michelle has really gotten on Paulie skin over the last 48 hours! Amazing. Victor, James and Paul somehow deflecting Paulie’s anger towards Michelle? Amaze.

Paulie is crying.

Press play to watch the video below.

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