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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: HOH and Nominations for Week 7

Big Brother 18 spoilers for Week 7. Who did the new HOH nominate for eviction?

First off, if you did not see the HOH results from Thursday’s overnight feeds, Victor is the new HOH after a two-hour battle with Natalie.

One would think that Victor would seek revenge on the person who backdoored him a few weeks ago, but no…

Big Brother 18 Week 7

HOH: Victor
Nominated: Michelle and Zakiyah

Via Jokers

So apparently Paulie has Victor in his back pocket and the guys are on a mission to eliminate all the girls.

The only hope I see now for some other result, to what looks like inevitable, is that James and Natalie bolt the male alliance. Certainly Nicole won’t abandon ship since this what she does in the Big Brother game.

Paulie (and Paul) are going to captain the ship for a few more weeks.

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

Honestly, if Victor had some intelligence, he would backdoor Paulie this week. He has nothing to lose and has a better chance at staying longer without Paulie.

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