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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Head of Household Winner Week 2

Big Brother 18 Spoilers for Week 2: Who won the Head of Household competition?

First of all the results from last night: Jozea was voted off 7 to 4 with Victor, Paul, Bronte and Natalie being four. Jozea, clueless as usual, thought it was Natalie that changed her vote. What an idiot.

The Head of Household competition started during the live shows and ended in the live feeds.

Team Category Four (Paulie, Frank, Michelle and Bridgette) won the Berry Balanced competition. The entire team is safe this week. The Head of Household is Paulie.

Julie Chen also introduced a new twist: Battle Back. The first five houseguests get a chance to get back into the house. So we haven’t seen the last of Jozea. Jozea will face off against first evictee Glenn, and then so on and so forth.

Paul in the Live Feeds

Paul in the Live Feeds

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