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Big Brother 18 Results: Week 3 Eviction Shocker and HOH Winner

Big Brother 18 results for July 14, 2016. Who was evicted on Week 3? Who is the new HOH?

Should be an interesting result tonight as a potential blindside to Frank just might happen. We shall see!

Big Brother 18 Week 3

HOH: Bridgette
Roadkill: Frank
Nominations: Paul (Bridgette), Tiffany (Bridgette), Bronte (Frank)
POV Winner: Bridgette
POV was not used.

Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Tiffany gave a fiery speech against “dictator” Frank!


Frank votes to evict Tiffany
Natalie votes to evict Tiffany
James votes to evict Tiffany
Michelle votes to evict Bronte
Nicole votes to evict Bronte
Zakiyah votes to evict Bronte
Corey votes to evict Bronte
Paulie votes to evict Tiffany
Da’vonne votes to evict Bronte


Paul – 0, Tiffany – 4, Bronte – 5

Bronte is evicted from the Big Brother house!!!

What a shocker!!!

Queen Day! OMG.

Frank is in shock. This should be an interesting week with the dynamics in the house. I love it!


Bronte said that the target next week switched to Frank that’s why she got eliminated.

As for doing it all again, she said she wouldn’t trust Jozea and Victor.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Head of Household Competition

“Euro Trippin”

Memory game related to evicted houseguests Glenn, Jozea and Victor. True or False questions.

The houseguest that wins HOH will also give safety for his or her team.


1 – Half eliminated in first question
2 – Everyone got it right
3 – Three eliminated, Paulie, Nicole and Frank left!
4 – Paulie is the new HOH! His team is safe again! OMG!

Paulie is the new HOH

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Frank is safe this week. LOL

I really hope James foes not become a target.

This is Paulie’s second HOH. Frank, Michelle and Bridgette are safe this week being part of Category 4.

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