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Big Brother 18 Results: Eviction, HOH and Secret Room for Week 5

Big Brother 18 results for July 28, 2016. Who got evicted and who won HOH? What happened in the Secret Room?

What an interesting week! The Secret Room could be a game changer.

Victor returned to the house this week after the Battle Back twist.

Big Brother 18 Week 5

HOH: James
Nominated: Frank, Bridgette

POV: Michelle

POV was not used.

Paul initially found the Secret Room but the entire house figured it out. Everyone was able to get a ticket. If the ticket is a “round trip,” if they get evicted, they immediately go back to the house.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS


Da’vonne votes to evict Frank
Paul votes to evict Frank
Paulie votes to evict Frank
Nicole votes to evict Frank
Victor votes to evict Frank
Michelle votes to evict Frank
Zakiyah votes to evict Frank
Corey votes to evict Frank
Natalie votes to evict Frank

Frank: 9, Bridgette: 0

Frank is evicted from the Big Brother house!


He said the he really didn’t mean what he said to the houseguests before he left.

Plane Ticket result: One Way

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Frank evicted. No jury for Frank.

America’s Care Package

Vote for a houseguest to get a care package. This week’s care package is a never have not pass.

HOH Competition

Houseguest practice rolling balls. Only the red ball will count.

Show ends before a result so this will be coming from the live feeds. Stay tuned!

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Source: CBS

Results: HOH is Paul!

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

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