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Big Brother 18 Results: Eviction for Week 9 and HOH Endurance Competition

Big Brother 18 results for August 25, 2016. Who was evicted? Who won HOH? Which jury member returned to the game?

What a week as the Jury Buyback is played during the HOH endurance competition.

Big Brother 18 Week 9
Co-HOH: Natalie
Co-HOH: Michelle (Viewers Vote)
Nominated: Victor, Paul
POV: Paul won POV

Paul used POV to save himself.

Nominated: Victor, Corey


Nicole votes to evict Victor
James votes to evict Victor
Paul votes to evcict Corey

Victor is evicted from the Big Brother house and becomes member of the jury!

Jury Buyback:

Five jury members return for the HOH endurance competition!

One of them return the game, while the rest of the houseguests compete for the HOH.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Results later tonight! The HOH competition runs into the live feeds.


Victor is back in the house!

Paul, Nicole and James are the last three on the wall. Stay tuned.

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

Victor has now been evicted two times and is still in the house. Amazing.

Paulie was the last jury member to fall before Victor.

Paul has fallen.

Nicole and James are the final 2.

James won this comp last season… let’s see if there are deals. Stay tuned!

James says he has participated in four wall comps and he may not be back in Big Brother again. Nicole is begging. OMG she is BEGGING (and lying) HARD.

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Source: CBS Live Feed

James drops.

Nicole is the new Head of Household.

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed

I’m really disappointed.

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