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Big Brother 18 Results: Eviction and Second HOH Endurance Competition

Big Brother 18 results for September 8, 2016. Who went home in Week 11 and who won the second endurance Head of Household competition?

“Jatalie” is going to get split up tonight.

Julie opens up with “Showmance, Bromance and Romance” on the line.

Brutal edit on James and Natalie’s falling out this week.

Big Brother 18 Week 11

HOH: Victor
Nominated: James, Natalie
POV Winner: Corey

Corey did not use the veto and nominations stayed the same.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS


Paul votes to evict Natalie
Nicole votes to evict Natalie
Corey votes to evict Natalie

Natalie: 3, James: 0

Natalie is evicted from the Big Brother house!

Queen Natalie we will miss you!


“I wasn’t throwing James under the bus.”

“He’s country and Asian… and we make it work!”

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Source: CBS

HOH Endurance Competition

Butter competition!

“Legs going to be on fire tonight,” says James.

(this will be played out live in the live feeds!)

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Source: CBS

Corey is the new HOH.

Source: CBS Live Feed

Source: CBS Live Feed


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