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Big Brother 18 Results Elimination For Week 8 – Last Ticket Revealed

Big Brother 18 results for August 18, 2016: Who went home on Week 8? Who is the new HOH?

Is this that end for Paulie Caliafore? Does he have the Round Trip ticket? So exciting.

Recap: Glad that the Big Brother is showing that Paulie refused to make apple pie. He was such a big cry baby in the feeds.

Recap: First view of the Jury House with Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Bridgette. Should be interesting what happens when the next person walks in there. 🙂

This is the last week for the Round Ticket twist!

Big Brother 18 Week 8

HOH: Victor
Nominated: Paulie, Corey
POV Winner: Victor
POV was not used.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Long speech from Paulie! It was very nice actually.


Michelle votes to evict Paulie
Paul votes to evict Paulie
James votes to evict Paulie
Natalie votes to evict Paulie
Nicole votes to evict Paulie

Paulie: 5, Corey: 0

Paulie is evicted from the Big Brother house!!!


Ticket reveal… One Way Ticket!

Paulie heads to the Jury House!!! YES!!!

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

“Crying doesn’t work for men as it works for women,” said Paulie about his tears.

Round Trip Ticket Reveal:

The remaining houseguests open their tickets and the round trip holder is: Paul!

Well, it has expired already.

HOH Competition:

Stay tuned for live feed results tonight (if it’s happening)

Also: There is a jury buyback!!! The first five members of the jury will have a chance to go back to the game. Wow.

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