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Big Brother 18 Results: Double Eviction Night

Big Brother 18 results for August 11, 2016. It’s the first double eviction of the season!

Over the last 48 hours, live feed watchers witnessed the house flip against Paulie. The flip was led by Natalie and helped by James getting America’s Care Package this week of negating two votes. James believed that this is what America wants.

In a nutshell, the guys alliance led by Paulie was going to evict Michelle because Paulie thinks he can control Zakiyah better. Now, without Paulie’s knowledge, the house will save Michelle. This will leave Paulie, Nicole and Corey out of the loop and against the rest of the house.

Let’s hope the house does flip during the double eviction! Finally, the end of Paulie’s reign.

The round trip ticket twist is still in play so anything can still happen.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Show Recap: Oh good they are showing the house flipping against Paulie. Yay!

Julie says that tensions are high on the show right now. Woohoo! Exciting.

Big Brother 18 Week 7

HOH: Victor
Nominated: Michelle, Zakiyah
POV Winner: Paulie

Paulie did not use the POV

Nominated: Michelle, Zakiyah


Speeches: Michelle does her put down speech against Paulie! Yes, she’s been planning that for a day.

James has negated Paul and Corey’s votes. Here we go!!!!

Paulie votes to evict Michelle
Natalie votes to evict Zakiyah
Nicole votes to evict Michelle
James votes to evict Zakiyah
Bridgette votes to evict Zakiyah

Michelle: 2, Zakiyah: 3

Zakiyah is evicted from the Big Brother house!


Ticket reveal for Zakiyah: One Way Ticket

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Zakiyah is going to the jury house.

“I wish he could pull me off when he won the veto,” said Zakiyah about Paulie.

Double Eviction

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Head of Household Competition


More or Less answers based on statistics… here we go!

1 – Paulie and Bridgette out

Corey is the new HOH on the second question

Looks like Paulie is safe. Sigh.


LOL! Corey does not know what to do. Hahahahahaha.

Corey nominates…

Bridgette and Michelle

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Source: CBS

Power of Veto Competition

Corey, Michelle, Bridgette, Paul, Nicole and James are playing

“Veto Time”

Ball pit game

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Source: CBS

Corey won the Power of Veto!

POV Ceremony

Will there be a backdoor? OMG

Paulie, Paul, Corey and Nicole got together and Nicole said “get her out of here.” Who was she referring to???

Corey has decided not to use the veto.

Live Eviction #2

Michelle called Nicole a snake! Hahaha. Blew up Paulie and Nicole’s game in one night.

Natalie votes to evict Michelle
Paulie votes to evict Bridgette
Nicole votes to evict Bridgette
Victor votes to evict Bridgette
James votes to evict Bridgette
Paul votes to evict Bridgette

Bridgette: 5, Michelle: 1

Bridgette is evicted from the Big Brother house!

Michelle starts crying hysterically.


Envelope Reveal: One Way Ticket

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Bridgette is going to the jury house!

Very interesting result.

HOH for Week 8 results overnight! Stay tuned.

Also: One week left for the Round Trip Ticket twist

Still a couple more hours before the Week 8 HOH comp. But note: Michelle said: “You’re not a snake Nicole.” LOL

Note: Before the HOH competition, it looks like the house has indeed cautiously flipped. Everyone tried to appease Paulie and blamed everything on what happened to Zakiyah. Is Paulie really buying it? We don’t know yet. All will be revealed if he wins HOH and nominates James and Natalie. Corey and Nicole are leaning toward evicting Natalie/Michelle/Paul.

James is definitely on Paulie’s radar now and I don’t think he realizes that he has already lost Paul and Victor.

We should have HOH spoilers in a couple of hours.

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