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Big Brother 17: Recap & Live Blog – 07/01/2015

This opening week of Big Brother 17 has been A MESS to say the least. People are playing like it’s Week 4 or something! So much is going on but I’ll try to synthesize it.

Big Brother 7:1:2015 Audrey
So it seems as of now that Jace will be out. He is currently making a last ditch effort to flip the house by using Audrey’s downfall to his advantage by getting her on his side. The house had finally had enough of Audrey can gathered together as Da’Vonne began to call her out on all the lies she has spread and all the drama she has created. Everyone was mad at the moment, but it seems as some people like Austin and Liz may are possibly reconciling with her, as well as the ever flip-flopping duo of Clay & Shelli.

Right now Austin and Liz, and some of their affiliates like Vanessa, Audrey and Jace are hellbent on taking down the larger alliance of the house, whose main people include Da’Vonne, Meg, James, and Jason. However many of the people who are said in this larger alliance (like Clay and Shelli) are talking about it like they haven’t been involved. Plus, if HoH ever flips in this side, the Austin and Liz group definitely are in a better position, so I don’t know why they keep acting like they are the underdogs.

As a part of Jace’s last ditch effort he is trying to bully Steve by telling him how much the other houseguests have been talking about him. He’s trying to get Jace on his side and turn him against James & Da’Vonne.

I’m still rooting for Da’Vonne/James/Meg and their group.

But for now’s lets backtrack and see what we will see on on tonight’s episode that has happened!!


– Coming off of the Battle of the Block competition, Steve has his sights on winning the Veto! Meanwhile, James and Jason are plotting to get the votes to backdoor Jace. James initially has his group of Da’Vonne, Jason, James and Audrey – he pulls in Meg. James and Audrey then talk to Clay who is reeled in. Da’Vonne already calls it shaky sayings one she wants to take but some she knows she doesn’t.

– While everyone is outside, Jace streaks throughout the house and people are pretty much unamused. Austin talks to him later and says that people are feeling annoyed by him. Jace goes does se where James’ head is at, and Audrey comes in followed by Austin. Audrey plants the seed to get out James so they can earn Austin & Jace’s trust. Jace keeps talking to them about how they all should form an alliance. James doesn’t mind, while still thinking of taking him out once the veto is used.

– Next veto players are picked: Jackie and Steve (nominees), Becky, John, Jason and Austin is the host.

– Da’Vonne is going around the house counting different items in case it comes in handy for the next competition. LMAO Da’Vonne is giving me so much life by talking about Shelli, Clay, and Jeff skiing about her coming into the room counting things. She says the all live her and no one has a lease. She says Mama Da is gone and Day Day from Inglewood is here! Jeff goes in and tries to reconcile with her to not have an enemy but it doesn’t go well. Jeff goes to Clay and calls her sort of a b*tch and a puppet master. Clay goes to apologize to her as well. Da’vonne says there is base in his voice there has never been before while in the house…LOLL!!!! They are going at it and they both say they thought they were close. Da’Vonne cries to the DR talking about when Clay called her negative for just pointing out he lied. Clay tells the DR it will get her evicted soon. Da’Vonne goes off to Audrey about Clay calling her negative. Audrey is worried about the alliance blowing up.

– Audrey goes and tells Clay that Da’Vonne started crying and they need to get it together. Clay says she hasd to go soon and Audrey says she’s not against it but he needs to go apologize now for this week. Clay then goes and apologizes. He apologizes for attacking her, but Da’Vonne rolls her eyes at the camera then tells us that he is a liar and she says she knows Audrey went and told him the same thing she told her about putting on a smile for this week. She says they both have her f*cked up!! GO DA’VONNE!

SN: I assume this is where it all goes downhill for Day/Audrey once she realizes Audrey has done this. Another side note, producers are giving Da’Vonne a really bad edit so far, as fans who tune in 24/7 through the feeds know that this is not the perception of the whole situation so far. As I’m saying Go Da’Vonne because I know what happened, I see fans tweeting who may be just seeing it now are calling her dramatic and doing this for nothing. But we will see how it still goes…

– James chooses Liz, Vanessa, Austin and Da’Vonne because they were save from eviction this week due to the BB fast forward. They have to east slop and sleep in dentist chairs.

– Steve wins the veto competition! He will definitely pull himself off the block, making it so that James can definitely but Jace on the block. Steve says short term problem solved but he needs to solve the long term problem of being on the outside of the house. Audrey is determined to go find numbers for their alliance and she goes and grabs Shelli and brings her in to talk with James and Jason. After that shoe goes and gets Jeff and brings him up. James and Jason are pretty over it and James tells the DR it’ll be a 16-person alliance soon. Audrey then goes and gets Meg and Clay. Audrey gathers them all to say they need to get ready for battle while James tells the DR he is having second thoughts about working with her and she may be on the chopping block soon.

– In the veto meeting, Steve uses it on himself and James puts up Jace.

On tomorrow’s episode we’ll see the blowup against Audrey and Jace’s flip attempt.

We’ll also see the HoH competition, the rest of America who hasn’t been following will find out who is the Twin Twist, and Kathy Griffin will introduce the latest #BBTakeover twist.

Thanks for reading!

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