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Big Brother 17: HOH and Eviction Results for 08/27/2015

Who went home on Big Brother 17 on tonight August 27, 2015? Who was evicted in the live vote? Who is the new Head of Household?

Here are the results for Week 9 on Big Brother.

I’ll be live blogging tonight’s action so keep up below!

Is fan-favorite John’s time in the house over? Who will be the jury member returning to the competition I’m rooting for my girl Jackie!

Live Show Recap 

  • Vanessa yet again has controlled the game for another week. Sheeeesh.
  • James + Meg FTW, everyone else can go bye bye.
  • Still can’t believe both twins have been allowed to last this long. It’s really funny.
  • VANESSA. IS. ALWAYS. CRYING. Someone is always doing her wrong. It’s a game, girl. That she is really winning right now. So keep on crying Vanessa.
  • Vanessa wants Steve out but she is voting alongside the twins & Austin and the twins just do not want to keep Johnny Mac.

Time for the vote

Big Brother 17 Summary Week 8
HOH Nominated for Eviction
Austin Matelson #BB17

Austin Matelson #BB17

John McGuire #BB17

John McGuire #BB17

Steve Moses #BB17

Steve Moses #BB17

Votes to Evict (5) (0)
  • Huge huge cheers for him. The most since Da’Vonne.
  • John says if he gets back in he will gun for Meg.
    • WTF…..this is why he is being evicted right now. For not aligning with the underdogs…James and Meg. I hope he doesn’t come back.
    • Like I’m still in awe that he would make that dumb of a decision. I would hope Shelli comes back before him now. Absolutely.
    • John didn’t know how to play this game well.
  • Becky, Jackie, Shelli as well as John are back to play for their way back in the competition.
  • There will be ANOTHER double eviction next week.

Returning Juror 


Jonny Mac Juror Retuns

HoH Competition

Final Two: Johnny Mac and Vanessa

They make a deal.

Vanessa is the new HOH!!!!

Vanessa HOH

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