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Big Brother 17: HOH and Eviction Results for 08/20/2015

Who went home on Big Brother 17 on tonight August 20, 2015? Who was evicted in the live vote? Who is the new Head of Household?

Here are the results for Week 8 on Big Brother.

I’ll be live blogging tonight’s action so keep up below!

The remaining Austwins + Vanessa really want Becky out. Will the house filp and vote out John instead because of Becky’s injury?

Live Show RecapĀ 

– I wish Johnny Mac would just team up with James and Meg.

– Everyone wants to get rid of Vanessa but no one wants to do it…and wouldn’t listen to Becky last week!!! SMH.

– Steve weird a*** need to go somewhere. Ugh. John has really grown on me the past few weeks. If he could stop yelling and then team up with Meg and James. The twins and Austin begin to work with Steve and John. Ugh. Can Austin go too?

– Steve is getting hometown footage like he just made the Top 3 of American Idol.

– We get to see footage of Shelli and Jackie at the Jury House which is salvaging this week, to be honest lol. Jackie needs to come back in this competition! Shelli realizes Vanessa has been literally behind everything.

– I thought Shelli was so much better without Clay but she’s even better out of the competition! She’s growing on me!

– Time for the vote…

Big Brother 17 Summary Week 8
HOH Nominated for Eviction
Liz Nolan #BB17

Liz Nolan #BB17

John McGuire #BB17

John McGuire #BB17

Becky Burgess #BB17

Becky Burgess #BB17

Votes to Evict (0) (6)


– Becky was literally the only person in the house willing to make a big move and it ultimately cost her. She’s a super hard competitor though so maybe she’ll come back when she heals up.

– A jury member (Shelli, Jackie, Becky + the person eliminated next week) will compete for re-entry back into the house next week.

HoH Competition

Big Brother 17- HOH

Big Brother 17- HOH and Eviction Results

Big Brother 17- HOH and Eviction Results for 08:20:2015

Austin and James were the final two…

Austin James Final Two HOH

And the new HOH is AUSTIN!

Austin is new HOH

Nomination spoilers on Friday and POV spoilers on Saturday! See you then!

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