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Big Brother 17: HOH and Eviction Results for 08/06/2015

Who went home on Big Brother 17 on tonight August 6, 2015? Who was evicted in the live vote? Who are the new Heads of Household?

Here are the results for Week 6 on Big Brother.

I’ll be live blogging tonight’s action so keep up below!

A balance in power finally happened, sending Clay or Shelli home! They’ve picked off the other side for weeks. So glad this happened, I can only hope that Meg or Jackie can win HoH so they can keep dismantling The Sixth Sense.

Live Show Recap 

– After 4 weeks of people in their initial alliance going home, the remaining members of The High Rollers: James, Jackie, and Meg returned to power for James’s HoH, as he put up the showmance of Clay and Shelli.

– Clay has been running amuck in the house causing all sorts of confusion since he wants to be voted out and Shelli to stay. This is also causing Vanessa to get more paranoid than ever.

– Da’Vonne appears in the #BBShoutout section and says she is rooting for Jackie to win and that she has her inspector gadget glasses on figuring things out in the house. Work!

– The house was on board to get out Shelli, but it begins to shift toward keeping her, which is frustrating James, Jackie, and Meg – as well as people like Julia and Liz who think she is a strong player. However, Vanessa tries to convinces her alliance that Clay would work with the other side.

Big Brother 17 Summary Week 6
HOH Nominated for Eviction
James Huling #BB17

James Huling #BB17

Clay Honeycutt #BB17

Clay Honeycutt #BB17

Shelli Poole #BB17

Shelli Poole #BB17

Votes to Evict (9) (0)


– Julie tels them that everyone form this point forward will be in the Jury and that being in the Jury doesn’t mean you’re out of the game.

– Next week is a double eviction as well.

HOH Competition

– Becky is the new HOH

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